October is Pray for the Shan Month!

During the month of October we will have a special prayer focus on the Shan. There are a few ways you can easily get involved:

  1. Sign up to receive daily prayer requests: 
    Email: reply to
  1. Join us for prayer from 10:00 –11:00 in the S4 basement room (under the Methodist Hall).
  1. Pray for one key request weekly:
    Pray for refreshment, encouragement and unity of the Holy Spirit for the Shan Christian leaders from Thailand, Myanmar and China who will come together mid-October for a retreat entitled “The Joy of the Lord”.

Adoption History

In March 2002, IPC as a congregation "adopted" the Shan people group of Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. This adoption is basically a commitment by our IPC family to help spread the gospel among a people group who do not yet know Jesus Christ.

IPC has financially contributed to the creation and distribution of literature in the Shan language, supported the radio ministry reaching out to thousands who are in remote areas, supported some missionaries involved in the work with the Shan, supported the education of Shan children, and contributed towards leadership training seminars, evangelistic work and church planting amongst the Shan people.

Click here for a flyer about the Shan.

Click here to find out more about adopting a people group.

For more detailed facts on people groups click here

Here are pictures from our 15th anniversary celebration on March 26, 2017


Shan 15th Anniversary Celebration– Image 1 of 23