In-person morning worship is taking place this Sunday, January 17.
Morning and evening services will go back exclusively online starting January 24 through February. The Annual Congregational Meeting will also take place exclusively online.



The work of the IPC deacons is the tangible expression of Christ's love and grace through calls and visitation to any in need.

If you have a desire to receive a call or a visit from a deacon, please feel free to contact the office.

Elders and deacons at the retreat (September 2020)

2020-09-19 Council and Deacons' retreat Bibelheim Männedorf (1) (002) all


Pictured left to right:

Sarah da Ponte, Deacon; Giannina Wild, Head Deacon; Alisa Berger, Evening Worship Elder; Sam Gyorfi, Associate Pastor; Jeff Anhut, Membership Involvement Elder; Lanette Meister, Children's Ministry Elder; Keith Hennings, Deacon; Paul Nelson, Council Chair; Joan Gottraux, Personnel, Property & Planning Elder; Johnson Oduwaiye, Deacon; Piotr Soluch, Communication Elder; Chee Mui Yap, Congregational Care Elder; Andy Stager, Senior Pastor; Jenny Bärlocher, Deacon; Jürg Kessler, Deacon; Christof Lindenstruth, Outreach & Missions & Special Projects Elder; Reto Kurmann, Adult Ed & Retreats Elder

Deacons not pictured:
Rob-Roy Roedel, Head Deacon; Patty Jehle and Jane Burger