The work of the IPC deacons is the tangible expression of Christ's love and grace through calls and visitation to any in need.

If you have a desire to receive a call or a visit from a deacon, please feel free to contact the office.

Elders and deacons at the retreat (September 2020)

2020-09-19 Council and Deacons' retreat Bibelheim Männedorf (1) (002) all


Pictured left to right:

Sarah da Ponte, Deacon; Giannina Wild, Head Deacon; Alisa Berger, Evening Worship Elder; Sam Gyorfi, Associate Pastor; Jeff Anhut, Membership Involvement Elder; Lanette Meister, Children's Ministry Elder; Keith Hennings, Deacon; Paul Nelson, Council Chair; Joan Gottraux, Personnel, Property & Planning Elder; Johnson Oduwaiye, Deacon; Piotr Soluch, Communication Elder; Chee Mui Yap, Congregational Care Elder; Andy Stager, Senior Pastor; Jenny Bärlocher, Deacon; Jürg Kessler, Deacon; Christof Lindenstruth, Outreach & Missions & Special Projects Elder; Reto Kurmann, Adult Ed & Retreats Elder

Deacons not pictured:
Rob-Roy Roedel, Head Deacon; Patty Jehle and Jane Burger