Home Groups

If you haven't found a home group yet please look at the profiles and contact one. Home groups may not be able to always physically meet but they are finding creative ways to remain in touch and stay connected.  

Home groups provide the environment to forge strong ties and fellowship within IPC’s diverse body of Christ. They help us grow and mature as Christians by developing the discipline of regular worship, praying for one another, experiencing the genuine love of Christ, discovering and shaping spiritual gifts for ministry, diligently studying and applying the Word of God and sharing the gospel.

Several IPC Home Groups are welcoming new members. 

VOME: First three Monday evenings of the month. Zoom only. For information, contact Jean-Claude at jcgottraux@gmail.com

WALLISELLEN: Meets in-person every Monday evening. For information, contact Ming at wallisellen@ipc-zurich.org

WITIKON: Meets every Thursday evening. Currently, transitioning from Zoom to in-person meetings. For information, contact Lassi at witikon@ipc-zurich.org

WINTERTHUR/GUNDETSWIL/SCHAFFHAUSEN: Meets every Friday evening on Zoom and in-person. For information, contact office@ipc-zurich.org

ZURICH: Meets Wednesday evenings on Zoom and in-person monthly. For additional information, contact Raja at rajschintapalli@gmail.com

GREATER ZURICH: Meets Tuesday evenings from 19:30 on Zoom and in-person every 5-6 weeks. For additional information, contact office@ipc-zurich.org

Click here for a list of all our home groups.