Join us sundays at 11:30 and 17:00

The Outreach & Missions (O&M) team exists to allocate and coordinate all missions-related financial resources of IPC to serve those in spiritual and physical need outside of IPC.

A wide range of charities and organizations are represented: orphanages, nursing homes, medical aid, bible schools, online ministries, etc. Each organization is carefully reviewed annually.

Over all, we aim to raise the level of missions’ knowledge and involvement of all members of IPC as a living body of Christ.

Contact the office or stop by to pick up a copy of the People & Projects Booklet.


A smaller team meets to plan events that help us focus our attention on the Shan people. Team members are in contact with our missionaries among the Shan, help organize fundraising events and assist members of our congregation who would like to travel to Asia and help the Shan in practical ways.

Detailed information on our Shan-engagement here.

Local Outreach Team
Another small team exists to work on opportunities for the congregation to participate in local outreach (in and around Zürich) or short term missions in Europe and worldwide (one to four weeks), in cooperation with partner organizations.