Giving Online

Please continue to support IPC's ministry and mission by giving through a bank transfer or using Twint.

IBAN: CH34 0025 1251 8803 5701C
Holder: Ipc-Int.Protest.Church
Account no.: 251-880357.01C

Click here for the banking QR code. If the donation is for a specific purpose, please enter a text message in the payment.

Click here for the Twint QR code. If the Twint donation is for a specific purpose, please inform the treasurer by email
Please note that there is a 1.3% transaction fee.

Click here to donate via PayPal.
Please note that there is a 3% transaction fee.

Swiss Payment Changes
As you might have heard, Switzerland is changing their payment process from payment slips to QR codes starting October 1. For most of us on the bill paying side, there is nothing to be done but use the new codes sent to us. However, if you have set up a standing order to donate money to IPC using a payment slip or just the account number (not the IBAN), the standing order will no longer be processed. If you are unsure if your standing order will function or not, it is recommended to replace it with a new standing order using this QR code. Please contact Brian Sparks if you have any questions.

Thank you for your offering!