Discipleship Mentoring

As part of IPC's annual theme of "Up, In, Out" IPC has committed to a discipleship through mentoring initiative. At IPC we believe strongly in the biblical principle of discipleship, also called spiritual mentoring. We believe this relationship focuses on spiritual and personal growth through biblical principles and mutual support. We believe these relationships will lead us to a stronger community, deeper faith, and ultimately discipleship together in Christ.

For this endeavor we look to the biblical example of Paul and Timothy. A Paul is someone who is more mature in the faith, leading us on. While Timothy is someone often younger who desires to grow from the experience of others.

We ask that everyone engaging in the discipleship through mentoring initiative:

Pray for God’s discernment whether or not to enter such a relationship.

Read a detailed statement here.

Watch the following training video here.

Once you have prayed for discernment, read the paper and watched the training video, please fill out the statement of intent via the Google form to begin the process here.

*Please note this is a constant, ongoing process. At any time when you sign up there may be a bit of a wait to find a pairing. When you sign and submit your intent the IPC office will be in contact with you.