Lenten Devotional

February 20, 2018

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Job 5:8-27

Rejoicing Through Suffering

The difference between success and failure is not as easy to distinguish as that between black and white or sunshine and rain. But success or failure is according to the will of God. We must not blame our sufferings on bad luck, nor our sins on destiny, for they are of ourselves. We are born in sin, and therefore born to trouble. There is nothing in this world we are born to and can truly call our own, but sin and trouble.

We may look at the rain as something small; but if we consider how it is produced, and what is produced by it, we will see rain as a great work of power and goodness. Too many times we ignore the great Provider of all our blessings; we take him and his blessings for granted. The experiences of some are encouragements to others to hope for the best in the worst of times; for God in his grace sends help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless.

A good person rejoices through suffering, for happiness in God is not lost, nor is heaven. A good person is happy because of suffering. God’s correction rids us of our corruption, turns our hearts from the world, draws us nearer to him, brings us to Scripture and to our knees. Even though God tests us, he supports his people in their suffering, and in due time delivers them. Making a wound is sometimes part of the cure.

Whatever troubles we may be in, they shall do us no real harm. As followers of Christ we are not saved from outward troubles, we are delivered by them. Even though we might momentarily be overcome by one trouble, in the end we will conquer all.

We cannot expect wealth, long life, or to be free from trials. But all will be for the best. We learn from Job that steadiness of mind and heart through trials is one of the highest accomplishments of faith. Faith is easy when everything is going well. But if God sends a storm, lets our enemies attack, and appears not to hear our prayers, then, we shall still hang on and trust God, even when we cannot see him. This is the patience of the saints.


Based on Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary

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