Lenten Devotional

February 16, 2018

All Day

Category: Adult Education

Psalm 25:1-10 

God Always Knows What He Is Doing

When I chose this particular day and Scripture, I did it rather “blind.” I thought, well here is a Scripture passage I don’t have memorized, let’s go for this one.

Then I had a bad day at work, where a colleague did something she wasn’t supposed to and I was reaping the “benefits.”  Frustrated (after about 10 e-mails), I decided to close the e-mail and read the Scripture for the devotional.  God had me, and I was listening.

First and foremost, I heard from God that he “had my back” as long as I turned to, trusted in, and waited on him.  Turn, trust, wait.  Wow!  So I said a prayer (It’s yours, Lord) and tried not to obsess anymore, even though my colleague’s mistake had become my problem.  The next day, after 8-10 more e-mails, the situation was over and I was not in trouble.  Also, maybe because of God helping me to deal with this well, it seems my colleague will not suffer either, which is good.  She did not do this to hurt anyone.  Praise him for all of this! Indeed, none who wait for you will be put to shame. (v 3)

As I write this, it is the second Sunday of Advent; the snow is falling and the wind is gusting. It looks more like Minnesota (home) than Freienwil (home, too).  Last week I began an Advent devotional about hope called Rise Up, Shepherd by Dr. Luke Powery and guess what: the first four (!!!) days had Psalm 25: 1-10 as the Scripture reading.  God once again had my attention.  He does not “do” luck, as it is said. Everything is planned ahead, all those good things for us to do.  Advent is a time for waiting on the Lord, and so is Lent.  Sometimes the activity of “doing things for God” gets in the way of our relationship with him: turning, waiting, and trusting.  This Scripture also reminds us of God’s initiative and what God does for us:

Salvation, mercy, steadfast love, goodness (and good), uprightness, and faithfulness.  Each of these could have a whole book, let alone a devotional written about them!  These attributes give me hope for today and tomorrow.

Take some time and slowly read the text for yourself. How does it speak to you?  How can you learn from the Lord’s Word today?  Turn, trust and wait.

Make me know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.  Lead me in your truth and teach me… for you I wait all day long. (vv 4-5)

Prayer:  Through my ups and downs, help me to never give up and never lose hope that you, O God, are my beginning and end.  Let the hope of my tomorrow reshape my today. 

From Rise Up, Shepherd by Dr. Luke Powery  

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