Online Men's Breakfast

December 2, 2020

7:00am – 8:00am

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Category: Men


I thought for the next men's breakfast we could discuss our identity as Christians-- what is it that truly defines ourselves?  Too often, we have our identity and self-worth wrapped up in our jobs or careers-- they become the overriding force that defines our sense of self-worth and value in life. Of course, work is a natural part of life and God in fact, created us for work, as we see in Genesis 2.   We explored some of these ideas about work in a couple of Men's Breakfasts by Eric Ohlung and earlier this year from Timothy Keller's book "Every Good Endeavour" -- do we work to live, or live to work?  So, how do we reprogram ourselves to identify our self-worth in terms of our relationship with Jesus Christ and our lives as Christians? We will be exploring these questions and others in our next Men's Breakfast. 


Al Klein will be leading this month's breakfast.

To prepare for our discussion, here are a couple of questions to ask yourselves:

  1. You meet someone at a party, conference, or other social gathering. How will you describe yourself? Do you talk about your job or do you talk about your faith, family, your Christian life, and helping others? How would you change how you respond in the future based upon what we will be discussing in this Men's Breakfast?
  2. Assume you are in the "live to work" category and overindulge yourself in work and your career. How are you going to change? How will you get your priorities right, beginning with . putting God first?

Passages:  Exodus 36:2, Leviticus 23:3 and Deuteronomy 5:12. Ephesians 1: 9-12

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