Bible @10 Online

The Devotional Discovery series will continue for three more weeks (August 2, 9, and 16) on "Discovering 1 John".

Beginning Sunday, April 19, Jimmy Yap will lead a series of studies based on two lists of 14 suggested daily readings taken from the NIV Bible (Kindle version) called "Discovering the Old Testament" and "Discovering Jesus". Each week's study will combine a chapter each from these two lists and is a standalone, independent session. Please join us in this journey of "Devotional Discoveries".

Please click here for an outline of the series.

Here's how you can register for this series.
1. Please register here.
2. You only need to register once for the entire study.
3. If you wish to join the series later, you may also register later. At the moment, there's no limit on the number of participants.
4. Study questions for the coming week plus notes from the previous week will be sent to registered participants as each week progresses.