Join us sundays at 11:30 and 17:00

Bible@10 is a weekly profitable Bible study that deepens our love for God and equips us to serve others. Our vision is to delight in God’s Word and live out Christ!

We usually meet in the Reboulet Room (French Church building).

Bible@10 is now studying 2 guidebooks, Life to the full, John 1-12 and The place of greatest glory, John 13-21, both by Josh Moody. John’s Gospel is an invitation to you to find life. These 16 studies over 32 weeks will, we pray, not simply give you a deeper understanding of the text, nor a list of practical “to do’s”, but rather enable you to encounter Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, more deeply. And that, as you do so, you will find in him, “life” in all the ramifications that John’s Gospel intends.

Come join us – anytime! And even if you cannot make it every single Sunday, you will still profit from the study and enjoy the group.

Starting in April we will be studying Romans. Click here or see below.

Romans 2024