Bible @10

Bible@10 will meet in-person.

From June 5, we will meet in the Kantonsschule building from 10:00 to 11:00. The study continues with the book of Exodus.

Here’s what Tim Chester, whose guidebook we will be using, says of the book. “Exodus is the story of a bush on fire that never burns up, an unarmed shepherd facing the most powerful man on earth, a nation walking through a sea, storms, earthquakes and more. But, as these eight studies show, it is supremely the story of the God who reveals himself, triumphs over his enemies, and rescues, guides, rules, forgives, and lives with his people—and who in all this points forward to a still greater, more thrilling act of liberation”. Exodus: Liberating Love.

We will take 3 weeks for each of Tim Chester’s 8 studies. Come and join us; even if you cannot join every single Sunday, you will still profit from the study and enjoy the group.

Click here for more details and the study plan.

Bible@10 is a weekly profitable Bible study that deepens our love for God and equips us to serve others. Our vision is to delight in God’s Word and live out Christ!