Missionaries & Projects

Members and Friends Turned Missionaries

Some of our members feel called to serve abroad, and we’re happy to support their work; some helping the poor in Africa, others teaching English in Asia, or leading an international missions organization, maintaining an evangelistic website, training young leaders, etc.

Additionally, we’re supporting a few individuals who have contributed to our congregation’s life in the past, as interns, members, retreat speakers, etc.

Local Projects and Outreach in Zürich

International projects we’re currently supporting

  • Bible school in Jaunjelgava, Latvia
  • Bible school in Feketics, Serbia
  • Foundation for the Handicapped, Moldova
  • Church building project, Lesotho
  • Church planting project, Philippines
  • Online ministry, Middle East

Detailed information on these projects contained in the O&M booklet. We are happy to provide it through our church office.