Lenten Devotional

April 19, 2019

All Day

And whatever you do, in word or deed,

do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus...

Colossians 3:17

Put On
Speaking in Jesus

Paul urges us to honor God in all aspects of our lives. All our deeds and all that we say should honor God. We are created in his image and he wants to be included in all aspects of our lives. He gave us the gift of speech and the power to do things. These gifts define us and make us unique.

Colossians 3:17 commands us that whatever we do and all we say should be done in the name of our Creator.

Speech and doing make the difference between us and God’s other creations. Speech and creativity are things we do so easily that we often forget to honor the one who gave us these gifts.

The book of Genesis tells us that God punished people who did not include him in their speech and whose sinful choices brought the wrath of God on them.

In Genesis 11:4 we are reminded of people who ignored God in their speech, people who decided to build themselves a tower far into the skies to challenge God. Genesis 18 and 19 tell us about the people of Sodom who refused to include God in their lives.

The punishment from God for these choices was confusion, indeed, total chaos in Babel.  Fire fell from heaven, destroying Sodom and the surrounding cities which had also chosen the same sinful lifestyles. The people of Babel and Sodom did not include God in the choices they made. They tried to put themselves above God and did not obey his commandments.

If we include God in our speech, he will direct us to make the right choices, choices which are pleasing to him and which honor him. How can we, at all times, include God in our speech and activities?

Achieving the goals as we are commanded in Colossians 3:17, is impossible on our own; we need help from God.

Prayer: Help us to obey your commandments and to submit ourselves to you. We also pray for forgiveness and the faith that you will grant us an understanding of your ways. Guide us so that everything we say and everything we do will be to your honor and glory.

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