Lenten Devotional

April 18, 2019

All Day

…with thankfulness in our hearts to God.
Colossians 3:16

Put On
Thankful Hearts

As Jesus was in the beginning with God, it follows that the Word of God is in the words of Christ. The Bible is where we learn about the teachings of Christ.

While we were searching for wisdom during an extended time of turbulence, a very heavy load on health and employment fronts, fighting exhaustion, and looking for balance after a period of struggles, we sought and found relief in letting the Word of Christ dwell deeply within us. It has sometimes seemed difficult to absorb the Word during tough times, but it is always a daily leap of faith.

In this way, our prayer is that the Word will remain in us, and that we can understand it even more. We strive never to forget the power and passion of Christ’s words, especially with regard to forgiveness and grace. May we bask in this!

As we sing with thankfulness in our hearts, we are constantly reminded of Christ’s grace in our worldly ways, and our daily shortcomings. Through Christ, we are forgiven, and are secure in his love.

We pray that with this grace, we are able to forgive loved ones, others and ourselves where there have been deep hurts and wrong doings. Just as we have been forgiven and covered by his grace.

Prayer:  Dear Lord God, we thank you for renewed grace and your forgiveness of our actions, words and thoughts. Please help us to truly forgive others. May your grace towards us help us in difficult relationships as we experience your forgiveness.

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