Lenten Devotional

April 15, 2019

All Day

teaching and admonishing one another…

Colossians 3:16 

Put On

The human body is made up of seen and unseen parts that operate so as to ensure that the whole body functions well. The greatest natural enemy of a physical body is an infection that can be caused by agents of all sorts. It is the body’s immune system that fights against these infections. In the absence of a healthy and strong immune system, there is no defense against infection and the end result is the death of the physical body.

The Bible says that we are one body in Jesus Christ. There are unseen infectious agents operating against us all the time that regularly succeed in infecting one or more parts of the body. That is precisely why the Bible commands us to activate a key component of our spiritual immune system, which is admonishing one another. In the case of a physical body, a healthy immune system is quick in detecting the infection and is brutal in attacking and destroying it. In case of a spiritual church body though, while the detection needs to be quick, the infected part needs to be treated with plenty of tender, loving care.

Admonition in the biblical context refers to the correction of the spiritual attitude in order to turn wrong into right. Admonition should be delivered in love, in humility, with genuine concern and most importantly, prayerfully. True admonition is neither about condemnation nor about judgment. Instead, it is instruction and correction based on God’s truth where the only motive is to help. It also requires us to instantly embrace the member who reacts positively to it.

The command to admonish is one of the hardest things to do. It is difficult and risky; yet, when carried out appropriately, it keeps the spiritual body in a very healthy state, doing what it was created to do – to bring glory to God.

It would be incomplete if I didn’t make any reference to self-admonition. Being in a close relationship with God makes our conscience (through the Holy Spirit) to be a self-admonisher – perhaps the best place to start.

Prayer: I pray that God gives us the wisdom and a loving heart to admonish ourselves and each other with only the purest of intentions.

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