Lenten Devotional

April 1, 2019

All Day

Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved,

 compassionate hearts…

Colossians 3:12

Put On
God’s Eternally Unfurling Heart

Chosen, holy and loved. All amazing concepts, too big for us to imagine.

God has chosen us. Who can imagine it? It’s a marvelous idea. What a wonderful God we have! God has already made us holy by the blood of Christ, this is almost too much to understand, and often we ignore how God sees us. We are holy in God’s eyes! But even more, how unimaginable is God’s love for us!

As I was contemplating the great love of God for us, I read this in my devotional and have chosen to share it with you:

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! (1John 3:1)

I have come to believe that God is madly in love with us. God loves us with a passionate love. It is too great for us to comprehend; we do not have the words to describe it fully. It is too vast to grasp completely. But we can know it. And we can feel it. It is in his hands as he holds us. It is in his gentle words as he comforts us. It is written all over his face.
And yet many of us feel alienated from God. We are a technologically advanced society, but our souls are sick. We seek help in psychotherapy, support groups, tarot cards, crystals—anything that will relieve the pain. But we find that these supposed sources of help are helpless. The emptiness will not be filled.
What we long to know is that we are loved. To be more specific, we hunger to know that we are accepted as we are, forgiven for all we have done, and cared for by a gracious, loving God. When we know this, we walk away well.
God is telling his people that when he looks at us, he smiles in love—as a father smiles at his child. He wants us to know that, deep down. Do you?

Prayer:  Lord, I receive this day your acceptance, forgiveness, and care, believing you love me—like a father.  Amen.

̶  James Bryan Smith (Faith That Matters)

I pray we all know that God has chosen us, sees us as holy, and most of all, I pray we can feel God’s amazing love for us, today and forever!

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