Lenten Devotional

February 18, 2018

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Category: Adult Education

Genesis 9:8-17

Hold on to That Rainbow!

Thailand is a tropical country. From June through October, we experience the rainy season, when it invariably rains towards the end of each day. In those months, the setting sun often produces wonderful rainbows, sometimes even with both fully developed inner and outer bows. When seeing this, we are reminded of the biblical account of the rainbow’s origin, today’s reading in Genesis. Let’s take time to walk through some of the story’s details.

One of the simple Bible study methods that we have recently learned to use with any Bible passage while teaching most any age is based on six questions: What do we learn about God’s character? About mankind? About Satan? About the Savior? What does God encourage you to do? With whom can you share what you have learned?

God’s character: He chooses to speak to Noah and his family. He establishes his covenant with Noah and his descendants and every living creature on earth. He promises to never again bring floodwaters to destroy the earth. God can be trusted.

Mankind: All people down through the ages can see the sign of God’s covenant with Noah and his descendants. But we can also find comfort in the fact that God sees this sign as well and is reminded of his promise.

Satan: His question from Genesis 3 resounds in our minds “Did God really say…?” He will try to make us doubt God’s promises, his love for all humans and for all his creation. Satan is a liar and wants us to doubt God’s goodness and care.

The Savior: God has always had a plan. He even made a reminder for himself of his plan of salvation for mankind. To save man from destruction is an integral part of who God is.

You: Even amidst storm and rain, trouble, war and persecution we can know that God has a plan of salvation for us, for his church, for mankind, for his creation. And we can trust in who he is and in his promises. One way to hold fast to God in an ever-changing world is to continually praise him for all he is doing in and through our lives. After meditating on today’s passage, what do you feel God is encouraging you to do?

With whom can you share what you have learned today?

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, give us your understanding today, so that we can share what we have learned with others. Help us to tell about your love as you do not desire that any perish. Thank you for Jesus and the salvation he brings.   Amen.


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