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Hike: Alpine Panoramic Trail - Schwarzsee-Jaun

June 24, 2023

All Day

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Alpine Panoramic Trail - Schwarzsee-Jaun

Ascend and descend - 522m

Starts at 1017m

Hiking level - medium

Hiking time - 3 hours plus 3 hours lunch and stops

0730-1000 Zurich to Schwarzsee

1000-1600 hiking time plus rest

1600-1630 Jaun waterfall 

1652-1928 Jaun Dorf to Zurich

Now that we have longer days, let’s do an adventure hike. This one is for everyone. Do you like to take things easy? Come. Do you like a challenging hike?  come. This outing has many things in store for everyone. Lake, waterfall, landscape, flora, fauna and more.

We will start the day admiring Schwarzsee which is at the foothills of the Fribourg Pre-Alps. We will end the day in Jaun which is known for its powerful waterfall. The hike goes through the Brecca valley with an exceptional glacial feature and karstic landscape.  Along the way, let’s hope to see eagles, chamois or marmots. We will stop for lunch at one of the  alpine restaurants along the route.

At the end of the hike, we will visit the waterfall near Jaun which was a mystery for many years because no one knew where the vast quantities of water came from. In June, up to 6,000 litres of water flow over the Jaun waterfall every second – it is an exceptional thing of natural beauty.

If you don't mind the thundering roar of the water, a catwalk leads almost right into the waterfall itself, so you can feel the droplets in the air. Source -

For those who are coming for sightseeing and swimming, you can take the train from  Schwarzsee to Jaun for 2 hours and meet us there.

Hiking info -

We will follow the Outdooractive shorter route but here’s more info with photos -

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