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"IPC: Growing together while reaching outward."



New to IPC? Interested in becoming a member of IPC? What is the IPC Information Breakfast all about? Interested in joining a ministry? How can I use my gifts and talents in IPC? How can I offer my services or help within the church community? Interested in helping out in worship or fellowship?


to the above questions and more, please contact Neil at membership@... or call the church office. 


The Circle of Membership

Membership is a continuous circle which moves along into an ever-deepening faith, bringing us closer to God and closer to others. We go out into our communities and into the world in the name of Christ.

1. Magnify - Worship:

"We gather to worship God."

What do we believe at IPC?

The International Protestant Church of Zürich (IPC) is a congregation of Christians from many nations united in worship to serve God in Zürich and beyond. Our theology and ministry is based on the tenets of the Reformed (Protestant) tradition.

Our Purpose

  • to emphasize and exalt the significance of Christ and His influence in our lives
  • to provide a means of witness to our loyalty to Christ
  • to worship together
  • to provide Christian education for all ages
  • to serve each other and others near and far
  • to invite and encourage faith in Christ
  • to maintain fellowship with other bodies of Christians locally and worldwide

The Covenant of IPC

Recognizing full liberty of individual interpretation, and taking cognizance of the various statements of faith under which its members may have made their professions, we, the members of this church, associate ourselves with all who follow Jesus, and promise to work with one another in this church to further its Christian testimony through worship and in service, supporting its efforts as best we are able.

We humbly repent of all the selfishness that is in us and of the wrongs that we have done, and trusting in God's love to forgive, guide and strengthen us, hereby propose to love Him with all our heart and mind and strength, and our neighbors as ourselves. We resolve to follow the Biblical injunction to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God; to take Jesus Christ as Savior and Master, His Spirit as our spirit and His way of life as ours. We promise to pray, to work, and if need be, to suffer for the realization of righteousness and freedom, and to seek as God's children to fulfill together our common calling to the glory of the one God.

IPC offers two worship services:

Morning worship service: 11:30 at the French Reformed Church

Evening worship service: 18:30 at the Methodist Church (except the last Sunday of the month when the service is held in the French Reformed Church)


2. Membership - Fellowship:

"We meet together in friendship."

Formal Membership with IPC

Formal Membership with IPC is open to all who are in agreement with the purposes of this church as expressed through the IPC Covenant. This covenant is part of IPC's Constitution and By-Laws which also rules the functioning of the church. To become a permanent or affiliate Member of IPC, please e-mail Neil at membership@....


3. Maturity - Discipleship:

"We pray and study together to grow."

We offer different programs to allow you to study the Word, to pray for ourselves and others, and to grow in your faith.

Prayer - Prayer ministries operating on different levels.

Adult Education Classes - Bible Studies and Classes on subjects concerning our lives as Christians.

Children's Sunday School - Leading our children to grow in their faith.

Community Groups (small groups/home groups) - There is a group meeting close to your home.

Special Interest Groups - For women, men, mothers, children, youth, young adults and many more.

4. Ministry - Caring & Serving:

"We serve one another in love."

IPC is a self-supporting church. Our members are our only resource, financially and through their work, prayer and support.

We employ two full-time pastors, two administrative assistants, a Sunday school director and a Sunday school administrative assistant. A high percentage of the work of maintaining our various programs is done by volunteers.


5. Missions - Outreach:

"We share Christ with others."

I. Thought Questions:

What does the term "missions" mean to you? How would you describe your past experience with missions? What missions organizations do you know? Have you ever been involved in a missions project at another church or with another group? If so, what kind of work did you do?

II. Overview of Missions at IPC:

There are presently two "arms" of IPC's outreach and mission work:

Arm 1 is the committee, which donates money to organizations that have been researched and prayed over. The committee reviews each organization annually. A wide scope of charities are represented: orphanages, medical aid, etc. Please contact the Chairperson of the Outreach and Missions committee if you have any questions in regard to this. We are always looking for creative ways to do fund-raising for such missions projects.

Arm 2 is called the "Missions Network" and has just recently been formed to encourage more personal involvement in projects. See Missions for more information.