IPC Zurich

  • Morning Worship

    Morning Worship

    Every Sunday we meet to worship God, learn more about Him through His Word and uplift our voices in song.


    Join us at 11:30 in the French Reformed Church.

  • Evening Worship

    Evening Worship

    Evening Worship at IPC invites you to know, serve, share and worship Christ.


    Join us at 18:00 in the Methodist Church.

  • All-Church Retreat

    All-Church Retreat

    June 10-12 at Bibelheim Männedorf


    For more info, click on "Retreats" under Events. 

  • Morning Worship Information

    Morning Worship Information

    There will be NO service at the French church on Sunday, June 12. The morning service will take place at 10:00 at the Bibelheim in Männedorf.

Growing together and reaching out in Christ

1961 - 2016, 55 YEARS IPC

The International Protestant Church of Zurich is a non-denominational, international, self-supporting congregation serving the English-speaking community in Zürich and surrounding areas.

Morning Worship Services in the French Reformed Church (Sunday mornings at 11:30, Schanzengasse 25) and Evening Worship Services in the Methodist Church (Sundays at 18:00, Promenadengasse 4) except the last Sunday of the month when evening worship takes place in the French Reformed Church.

We also have a monthly Baden Area Worship Service (BAWS) held one Saturday a month at 17:15 in the Reformed Church of Ehrendingen, Dorfstr. 21, Ehrendingen, AG. Next date: June 18.